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I have a gift that I’ve not been using very responsibly. But I’m trying to change.

We’ve changed the names of our clients to protect them from nosy neighbours, but their stories are as real as my powers.

I’m not proud of some of these outcomes, but Betsy says I shouldn’t blame myself; that karma’s a bitch and where people got hurt it was deserved… hopefully, as time goes by, the stories will have happy endings for everyone, not just our clients.

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Betsy O'Connor

Oh, for God’s sake. None of those men will be missed.

An outlawed in-law

Alice woke to the familiar sound of cupboards being slammed in the kitchen. Her stomach tensed and she moaned. Denzel rolled and wrapped her in his arms.

“I’ll talk to her again today, all right, Lovey?” he said.

Alice nodded and let the silent tear roll down her cheek to the corner of her mouth.

“Have you talked to Isaac?” she asked.

Her husband was silent which Alice accurately interpreted as “Yes, but he won’t hear a thing I’m saying.”

“We can’t live like this anymore. I can’t live this way.”

“We’ll fix it by the end of the month. Can you hang on until then?”

Alice sighed and pulled Denzel’s arms more tightly around her, “I’ll be counting the days, the hours.”

“Brave face, Lovey. We don’t want to lose Isaac, too.”

Alice and Denzel’s thirty-year marriage was being tested by the return home of their youngest child. In truth, they were thrilled to have him back after his two year adventure living abroad. What they weren’t thrilled about was what he’d brought home from Spain: a wife named Concepción, a woman three years older than him, and already once divorced.

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Titus takes a trip

Sophia wrote out the ingredient list to prepare her husband’s favourite dinner: his grandmother’s lasagna recipe, homemade bread and caesar salad made with anchovies. Between the shopping and prep time, Sophia thought she’d need three hours before the lasagna was in the oven plus ninety minutes of baking time. And since Titus insisted on having dinner on the table at six sharp every night, Sophia asked her boss if she could leave early that day.

“Have an appointment?” he asked.

“Sort of. I’d like to make Titus his favourite dinner for Valentine’s Day. His nose is still out-of-joint that I didn’t do anything special for our anniversary, so…”

Sophia’s boss shook his head, “And what did Mr. Wonderful do for your anniversary Soph? Did he cook your favourite meal? Buy you flowers? Pick up the laundry?”

Sophia laughed, “No. He didn’t really do anything either. Well, except go ballistic that I’d forgotten,” she said, still smiling.

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