If your book club would like to add Mother Teresa’s Advice for Jilted Lovers to your reading schedule, get in touch and I’ll see what kind of a special deal I can swing for multiple orders.

If your club is in the Metro Vancouver area or up in Whistler, I’d be happy (well, terrified, actually) to come to your meeting and answer questions about … anything related to the story, the process of writing, how many men actually died … no ever mind that question.

If your club simply wants some discussion questions, the Reading Group Guide is below.

And, if you have better or more interesting questions, please share them with me!

Discussion Questions

Spoiler Alert! Do not read the questions before you’ve read the novel!



At what point in the story were you hooked? Was there a question you wanted to have answered that kept you reading?


Readers experience Tara and Betsy very differently. Some become frustrated that Tara is weak at the start of the book, others feel she is not a good friend to Betsy, while others like Tara but despise Betsy. Did you have any strong feelings about either of these two characters? Did your feelings for Tara or Betsy add or detract from your enjoyment of the story?


If you had to assign this novel to one single genre, what would it be and why?


What are the main ideas or themes that the author explores in this novel?


Did you find Tara’s character arc (her emotional growth) plausible?


If you found yourself in Tara’s situation how would you have reacted to events like learning your best friend had killed your lovers or was responsible for your ending up in jail? Would you have any “white light” for Betsy?


If you had Betsy’s powers, are there situations where you might feel justified in using them as she did? In what situations would it be okay to be a psychic serial killer?


Were you surprised at any point in the story? Did the plot leave you guessing? If so, at what points?


Were there any passages that struck you as insightful or have stayed with you? What are they?


Is the ending satisfying? Does it lead you to want to read the next book in the series or does it leave you frustrated?


Did the novel make you think about you own values and attitudes towards women who are different from you, such as female prisoners, rape survivors, or serial killers?

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