Advice for Jilted Lovers - divorce ceremony

Donna Barker and Celebrant, Michele Davidson

Authors are often asked, “What inspired you to write that book?” The answer might be, “a snippet of an overheard conversation on the bus that I carried forward into a story,” or “I had a random, ‘what if?’ thought and decided to run with it.”

Mother Teresa’s Advice for Jilted Lovers was inspired by a few things – a couple of crazy ‘what if?’ thoughts, and a few real life experiences. One of those real experiences is this radio documentary that was done at, and about, my Marriage Dissolution Ceremony 6 summers ago.

Gratitude to Michele Davidson, Celebrant for proposing the the idea to help me create closure on a marriage that had been good- but not good enough, I guess. And to Pamela Post of CBC radio for proposing to record and share the story on CBC radio’s Tapestry.

I’d love to hear what you think of the story and of the idea of bookending a marriage that’s ended with a divorce ceremony.

Play "My June Divorce"

by Recorded by Pamela Post, Tapestry, CBC Radio

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