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How our service works

It’s kind of like following a 12-step program but there are only 6-steps, the problem isn’t with you, and God has nothing to do with it.

Admit powerlessness

Admit powerlessness

The first step to freedom is admitting that there’s something wrong with your relationship. You probably didn’t create the mess, but staying in it makes you partly responsible for the problem.

Find hope

This is the step where you commit to getting help and get in touch with us. There’s a Get Advice form at the bottom of this page. Use it!

Share your grief

Tell us what the problem is with your man. Tell us what he does that drives you crazy, or hurts you, or makes you want to beat him senseless with a frozen lasagna.

Pay the tithe

Our services are benevolent, but they aren’t free. Pay $1,000 now and $1,000 once the problem’s solved. Or $2,000 up-front and get a money-back guarantee. Your choice. Same service.

Relax and wait

Now Mother Teresa’s advisors will take over. You don’t have to do a thing – in fact, we ask you not to. Within 30 days, whatever problem you shared with us will cease to be.

Celebrate and share

With your relationship woes behind you, you’re ready to start a new life! Tell your friends about Mother Teresa’s Advice for Jilted Lovers so they can become as happy as you are now!

About Us

The team who will make sure you get the advice you need from Mother Teresa.

Tara Holland

Tara Holland

Mother Teresa's Main Guide

Hey! I’m Tara and I’m 32 years old. I’ve been an atheist for most of my adult life but since my last three lovers died…well, I’m kind of being forced to rethink my beliefs. Great to meet you! Be well!

Betsy O'Connor

Betsy O'Connor

Tara's Best & Oldest Friend

Yeah, well, I’m Betsy. Obviously. I don’t understand Tara’s obsession with falling in love. Honestly. Men? Why bother. More trouble than they’re worth.

Rock Hound Bob

Rock Hound Bob

Tara's Last Lover, Deceased

I loved Tara and I know she loved me, too. Sure I was 15 years older than her, but I didn’t think it was a problem. Me being dead, though? Makes it hard to stay connected. But we found a way.

National Magazine Ads

You've probably seen our ads in your favourite women's magazines

Rid yourself of unwanted weight

I’m not talking about yours, ladies!

Your body is perfect and deserves to be loved exactly the way it is.

If you’re carrying around the weight of a whole other person… Well, it’s time to burn off that fat!

If you’re ready to shed those extra pounds, let the compassionate weight loss experts at Mother Teresa’s Advice for Jilted Lovers turn your dead weight into ashes for you.

Spring cleaning -- any time of year

Most of us have one: a corner of the room that we can’t seem to keep free from bad odours, annoying noises, beer cans and chip bags. Some ladies are lucky enough to get a few hours each day to clean this area before the offensive entity takes over again.

Others aren’t.

If you need a permanent solution to the smell and the sounds and the mess, the compassionate cleaners at Mother Teresa’s Advice for Jilted Lovers can disinfect your home of unwanted life forms for you.

You're better off without him

Maybe he left you for another woman. Perhaps he spent all your retirement money on a Ferrari — and then left you for another woman.

You’d committed your life to him and now he’s gone and you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of uncertainty.

If you’re ready to get your feet back on solid ground, the compassionate counsellors at Mother Teresa’s Advice for Jilted Lovers will help you bury your past.

Confidential conversations … sympathetic strategy & solution … Discreet results … Services guaranteed

Get Advice!

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Thank you so much for contacting me. I look forward to helping you address your situation in a personal and intimate way.

As I hope you can appreciate, I’m busy helping women from all over the world with problems like yours. As such, I must ask your forgiveness that it may take me a day or two to get in touch with you personally. I work with clients on a first-come, first-served basis, which I believe is the most fair way to work. I hope you understand.

In the meantime, and to help me attune to your specific problem, please answer the following questions in the form below. Please refrain from offering solutions to your problem. What I need to be of best service to you is a description of the challenge you face, in your words.

In the comment box, please tell me:

  1. Your preferred contact method: phone number and/or email address. If it’s by phone, please provide your number.
  2. Your time-zone.
  3. The number of months or years you’ve spent in the offending relationship.
  4. The thing your man does that upsets you.
  5. And, in your opinion, the cause of the relationship break-down.

I’ll be in touch within three days.

With love and light and the promise of better days ahead.

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